How to backup your Joomla website - Akeeba extension tutorial

In reality working with Joomla can be very bumpy as with any other technology.

We can actually never know when something can go wrong and that’s why is very essential to always create a backup.

So please don’t play with your peace of mind and always create a Joomla backup.

How to open Google Webmaster Tools and submit sitemap

By opening your Google Webmaster Tools and registering your Joomla sitemap, you will be able to know a wide range of information from your Joomla website.

Things you can learn with Google Webmaster Tools.

How to install Google Analytics in Joomla - Always track your site

Tracking your Joomla website will always be essential.

With Google analytics, you will always have several information to know what is going on behind your site.

This will mainly help you understand from where your visitors are coming and what they are doing inside your site.