Goodbye AddThis extension - How I use now AddThis inside NoBS Joomla.

Do you use AddThis inside your Joomla Websites? I don't know if you remember but in past trainings I recommended you to install the Joomla AddThis extension.

This extension lets you have several social media buttons at once which let your visitors share all of your content.

However I have recently stopped using this extension.

How to build a simple a Joomla Template - Step by Step Video Tutorial

So, you want to learn how to create a Joomla Template? Well my friend, let me tell you that this is really easy to do.

Now, of course this training like everything if you want to master it, you will really need to invest your time.

However if you do learn this Joomla Template Training trust me, you will see Joomla in a whole new way.

Joomla Administrator Tutorials for Beginners – Step by Step Guide

Now that you have watched the Joomla Video Tutorials Beginners Guide, it is time to take a deeper look to the Joomla Administrator.

Inside this training we are going to see a few more settings behind the main administrator panel.

Settings that will not only help you learn more about Joomla but basic settings that will help you enhance all your future Joomla sites.