How to Install Comments on Joomla

One of the biggest downsides while creating a blog with Joomla is that this CMS system does not comes with a commenting functionality.

However and lucky ☺ for us there are plenty of Joomla Extensions that we can use to easily fix this problem.

Now I have to be clear that even when you can find several commenting extensions for Joomla, I have successfully used for the past several years the extension call JComments.

That's why I have already prepared this in depth tutorial for you to be able to utilize this extension as its maximum power.

Keep Calm and Watch NOBS Joomla Now On YouTube

After more than two years of being absence to my Facebook online community, I have finally decided to take a different approach to my teachings.

So as a starter and a way to say thank you to everyone, I am glad to announce that I have just opened a new NOBS Joomla YouTube Channel.

Inside there you will be able to find many videos that will help you to start learning Joomla and become a master with this CMS system.