Creating custom 404 error page in Joomla

If you want to create a personalized 404 error page on your Joomla website, you will need to follow these 4 simple steps.

Number 1 - You will need to create a category

Number 2 - You will need to create an article

Blog Lis Green - Joomla Template

Use this simplistic and clean design to build your next blog with Joomla. You can use this template in as many sites you want without any restrictions.

The template is HTML5 and responsive ready. It can be used in all mobile devices.

UPDATE: Just one extension needed to blog with Joomla.

In past blogs I recommended you two install two extensions behind your Joomla blog but as today that has changed.

That's why I am bringing this update because I no longer recommend you to do that.

Initially I mentioned that to blog successfully with Joomla you were going to need two extensions.